Tuesday, 21 November, 2017


The Grand Rapids Police Department has a police K9 program. The program has run successfully for the past fifteen years. K9 partners enable our officers to be more effective, and help keep our officers and community safer. Meet our newest member of the force…. Radar.
Officer Gary O’Brien and his partner, Radar work together as a team.  Radar turns two years old on February 2, 2015. Together they've completed months of specialized training in the City of Blaine, and continue to train each week. Radar spends every shift in the squad car with Officer O’Brien. Radar is a certified  PD1 K9. A PD1 K9 is trained in tracking, article searches, obedience, criminal apprehension, drug detection and suspect searches. There were several calls where a K9 was needed just within Radar’s first month on the job with Officer O’Brien.