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Friday, 24 March, 2017



Central Business District

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement in the downtown central business area is implemented year round with a greater emphasis from May to September, during the peak tourism time.  During this busy time the Grand Rapids Police Department has additional staff that focuses on parking enforcement so tourists can visit our beautiful downtown shops with easy to access parking.
Business owners in the downtown area may purchase a central business district permit that allows them to park in designated  4 hour parking space.  Parking permits do not allow you to park in 2 hour parking or in the 4 hour parking at the central square mall or central school lots.  However, there are many areas in the downtown that have free parking and are within walking distance of most shops.
Permits can be purchased at the City of Grand Rapids for $25.00 plus tax.
For more information reference the City's Parking Ordinance
Additionally, you can click below for an interacitve downtown parking map.