Wednesday, 16 October, 2019



Media contacts:  Mark Spoden, Grand Rapids acting area wildlife manager, 218-328-8860;
Cheri Zeppelin, NE regional information officer, 218-328-8954. 
City of Grand Rapids Special Deer Hunt Enters 7th Season
The city of Grand Rapids will hold its seventh special deer hunt this fall in an attempt to maintain lower deer numbers within the city limits. The hunt is open to archery, firearms and muzzleloader hunters during the regular season dates for those hunts. 
In order to participate in the hunt, a hunter must purchase a regular license for the type of hunt they want to participate in through the DNR’s electronic licensing system (ELS), and then may purchase up to four bonus permits through the ELS to take additional antlerless deer. This will allow you to hunt within open areas within the city. The city hunt limit is five deer and hunters may take only one antlered buck.
Muzzleloader and firearms hunters will have to apply for their special hunt permit through the ELS by Thursday, Sept. 5. Special hunt numbers are 931 for firearms, and 946 for muzzleloader. The city special hunt has unlimited permits available so if you apply correctly, and on time, (by September 5, 2019), you will be drawn and issued a permit to hunt within the city. The permit will be mailed to you in mid-October.
Firearms or muzzleloader hunters who want to hunt in a lottery area and participate in the Grand Rapids special hunt must make a choice whether to apply for a lottery area antlerless permit or participate in the special hunt; they cannot apply for both.
Special hunt permits for the archery season hunt can be obtained at the Grand Rapids Police Department at any time. There is no special archery hunt license number for the city archery hunt and archers should purchase a regular statewide archery hunting license through ELS and up to four bonus tags. Hunters must obtain the permit from the city to possess and use those four bonus tags for the city archery hunt. 
Deer taken in the special hunt must be registered under the special hunt numbers (995 for archery, 931 for firearms, and 946 for muzzleloader) and not the larger permit area 179. A deer taken outside of the city hunt boundary cannot be registered under the city hunt number.
Most of the land in the allowed hunting areas is privately owned. Hunters must get permission directly from private landowners to hunt or cross private land. A map depicting allowed hunting areas is available on the city of Grand Rapids website at www.cityofgrandrapidsmn.com under the map tab. Itasca County plat books and online public records can help prospective hunters identify landowners in order to seek permission to hunt.
Links to city hunt application (must be turned in to the Grand Rapids Police Department), FAQ,
and zone map is attached below.