Wednesday, 18 July, 2018


Looking inside the Grand Rapids Fire Department, you’ll find a hardworking, professional, and busy group of volunteers. In 2015, fire fighters responded to 240 calls for service, 167 of which required the entire department. That entire department response is an increase from 138 responses in 2014.

2015 brought changes in personnel to the fire department, with retirements and new hires. All of our staff are dedicated, hardworking people, and we appreciate... read more

95 feet may be a whole lot of ladder, but the City of Grand Rapids counts itself lucky to have a 95’ Aerial Platform Ladder in its fleet. 
This large ladder truck gets far more use than you’d suppose. In fact, it’s the second truck out on every in-town fire call. “This truck makes it safer for everyone involved,” explained Second Assistant Fire Chief Mike Liebel. That means safety for the... read more