Tuesday, 17 September, 2019



Runways and Taxiways

The Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport has one 5,755 foot paved runway with a paved parallel taxiway. There are two sod runways, measuring 2,968 feet and 1,450 feet, respectively. Yellow boundary markers mark the sod runways. Please note, the sod runways are not maintained and closed to wheeled aircraft during winter months. The Airport has private a seaplane base. Call 218-326-1226 for PPR.

Fixed Base Operator

Airways Aviation serves as the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for the Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport. Some of the services offered include, but are not limited to:
Aircraft maintenance    
Aircraft rental    
Aircraft tie downs    
Aircraft fuel sales - 100LL and Jet A
Flight training
10 unit T-hangar
Heated hangar space

Additional Facilities

The Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport houses the following:
The Civil Air Patrol office and hangar
EAA Chapter 412 clubhouse and hangar
Three T-hanger buildings with a total of 34 units
Eight privately owned aircraft hangars
Airport Maintenance and ARFF Building
Select Jet Charter / air taxi service hangar/office building