The Library's Mission Statement:

The Grand Rapids Area Library fosters a welcoming environment that builds a connected,  informed, and engaged community.

Purpose and Responsibilities of the Library Board of Trustees



Board member application


Library Board Members
Jean MacDonell - Non-Resident Member (Township)
Richard Thouin - Resident Member
Ellen Teigland - Resident Member
Elias Blocker - Resident Member
Lisa Tabbert - Resident Member
Sheena Richards - Resident Member
Deborah Kee - Non-Resident Member (Township)
Cyndy Martin - Non-Resident Member (Township)
Lisa Lassen - Non-Resident Member (Township)
Staff Contact
Will Richter - Director of Library Services
Phone:  218-326-7643
140 NE 2nd St.
Grand Rapids, MN 55744


For agenda and minutes please contact City Clerk Kim Gibeau at 218-326-7611 or