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The Police Community Advisory Board is established to enhance lines of communication between Grand Rapids residents, Police Department and City Council. Together the Advisory Board and the Police Department will identify and focus on public safety issues and collaborate with community leaders, community organizations and stakeholders in developing solutions to multi-faceted community concerns. The Board provides recommendations to the Chief of Police and City Council as to how issues should be addressed.

To represent the Grand Rapids community to the Grand Rapids Police Department as advisors to the Police Department and City Council as it relates to police-community relations, planning, police training, programming and public education.

Duties of the Board
The duties of the Board shall include, but not be limited to, advising and making recommendations regarding issues concerning public safety and police services within the ciy, such as:

  • Enhancement of police-community relations;
  • Community perspective and recommendations concerning procedures, programs, use of technology and the effectiveness of police service;
  • Promote public awareness of the City's police services and programs including business and residential community safety, crime prevention and general police activities;
  • Hold meetings to solicit public input regarding police services and programs;
  • Serve as a liaison between the Police Department and the Community;
  • Review significant community issues and make recommendations regarding potential resolutions;
  • Assist in community outreach efforts;
  • Encourage individuals and community groups to assist the Police Department in the implementation of police programs and services;
  • Assist with the budget process through review, program evaluation and priority recommendation;
  • To review and make recommendations concerning other matters as may be referred to the Board, from time to time, via the Chief of Police, City Administrator, Mayor and City Council.

Board members are expected to;

  • Listen carefully to community opinions, attitudes, needs and discuss these with the Police Department and City Council;
  • Study programs and services, analyzing problems and needs;
  • Offer new proposals and recommend changes in programs, policies and standards;
  • Assist in providing community members with information about police department policies and programs.

The Board relies upon the authority of the Chief of Police and City Council in performance of an advisory role. Recommendations made by the Board are not binding on the Chief of Police, City Administrator, Mayor or City Council. The Chief of Police answers to the City Administrator and is held accountable to the City Council and community in general for the operation of the police department.

The Board may review police-related incidents and provide advice to the Department in light of community expectations and in accordance with Minnesota data privacy laws. The Board will not receive or review complaints initiated against police personnel and shall have no authority to investigate or otherwise participate in personnel matters involving specific police personnel. The Board will not play a role in civil or criminal litigation.

The Police Community Advisory Board currently has thirteen representatives, a majority of which must be Grand Rapids residents, appointed by the Grand Rapids City Council. Board members should be representative of the community. Representation could be by age, gender, occupation or ethnic background at the discretion of the City Council which shall be the appointing authority. For example, the Council could choose to appoint a board member from the business community, a student representing the youth of the community or a member of a minority ethnic group. Members could serve a staggered, three-year term and should provide a balance of viewpoints. The City Council may choose to require members to attend the Grand Rapids Police Department Citizens Academy to gain further knowledge about the department.

Bylaws and Rules of Procedure
The Board shall be responsible for drafting by-laws and rules of procedure, which shall be forwarded to the City Council for approval. The Council has the authority to modify bylaws, rules of procedure and operating policies. Bylaws shall include a procedure to make a record of meeting minutes and these minutes shall be forwarded to the City Council for acceptance in a timely manner.

Meeting Schedule
The Board shall have at least four regular meetings each year. Special meetings may be held as often as the Board deems necessary. All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public, except as provided by Minnesota law.
Review and Evaluation
The function and activities of the Police Community Advisory Board shall periodically be reviewed by the City Council to determine whether the purpose for which the Board was established is being fulfilled and whether the need for the Board still exists.



Police Advisory Board Members
Liz Branum Dan Butterfield
Wendy Uzelac Stephen Connolly
John Nalan Jackie Dowell
Megan Phillips Pam Dowell
Tom Neustrom  
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Grand Rapids Police Department
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For agendas and minutes please contact City Clerk Kim Gibeau at 218-326-7611 or admin@cityofgrandrapidsmn.com.