Saturday, 29 January, 2022

420 N. Pokegama Ave

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

City Hall: 218-326-7600


The Administration Department helps the City Administrator manage the functions of other City departments and oversees the implementation of the City Council's policies and decisions.  In addition to coordinating Council activities, Administration is also responsible for Human Resources and the duties of the City Clerk.

The Administration Department:

  • prepares agendas and provides support information for 24 regular meetings each year.
  • facilitates the activities of the City's management team to carry out Council actions.
  • oversees public service delivery by all City departments.
  • prepares the annual City budget for Council consideration.
  • coordinates personnel services for Grand Rapids' regular City employees. If you are interested in available positions at the City of Grand Rapids visit the Employment section of the City web site.
  • administers licenses and permits
  • provides City records retention
  • administers local & State Elections
  • represents City positions with Federal, State, county and other City governments with agencies such as the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Itasca County.
  • coordinates the activities of the City Attorney's office.


Administration Licensing & Permits

    The City of Grand Rapids supports and authorizes several types of licenses and permits.  Please click on a link below to go to the specific information and application associated with the license or permit that interests you.  It is important