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Monday, 24 October, 2016



Library Event Calendar

Book Time (9:30&10:30)
Start on: 10/24/16 12:00am
Understanding Judaism
Start on: 10/27/16 06:00pm
Saturday Story Time (10:15&11:15)
Start on: 10/29/16 12:00am
Book Time (9:30&10:30)
Start on: 10/31/16 12:00am
The War Came Home With Him
Start on: 11/ 3/16 06:00pm
Saturday Story Time (10:15&11:15)
Start on: 11/ 5/16 12:00am

@ Your Library™

Loving Learning @ your Library

Loving Learning @ Your Library! Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library   Some scientists believe that only one important attribute separates humans from other intelligent mammals. (Well, the opposable thumb is pretty great, but I’m talking brain activity, here.)  Humans have the ability to imagine

Coloring Book Designs @ your Library

Coloring Book Designs @your library By Amy Dettmer, Assistant Library Director   This week the library is hosting 321 Art Studio for a program titled “Drawing for Coloring”.  This program features an artist demonstration of drawing techniques followed by support and assistance to

A Little Taste of Award Season @ your Library

A Little Taste of Award Season @Your Library Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library   Okay, friends, you all know how excited I get over the Newbery award, right?  Well, last year I realized that, in all my excitement, I was doing a great disservice

Homework Help @ your Library

Homework Help @ your library Marcia Anderson Director of Library Services   It’s that time of year again!  Students are in the thick of assignments and projects for school.  We have great resources at the Grand Rapids Area Library that are available to anyone