Tuesday, 23 July, 2019


Library Event Calendar

Summer Book Time!
Start on: 07/22/19 10:00am
Storybook Theater! (July)
Start on: 07/22/19 01:00pm
Lego Club (June/July)
Start on: 07/23/19 10:30am
Indie Film Series at the Reif
Start on: 07/23/19 12:00pm
Nature Shows! Beautiful Blossoms
Start on: 07/26/19 10:30am
Saturday Story Time (Summer)
Start on: 07/27/19 10:15am

@ Your Library™

It's Time for Programs @ your Library

It’s Time for Programs@ Your Library! Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library   Heavens to Betsy! When I started this monthly writing gig, I was told I had an 800-word limit. I can usually limit myself to slightly more than 800, but not during weeks

Coming Soon @ your Library

Coming Soon @ your Library Will Richter, Director   Grand Rapids Area Library and the Reif Center are pleased to announce another summer installment of Indies @ the Reif Tuesdays in July.   Showtime for all films is 7:00 pm in the Ives Theater.

Camping @ your Library

Camping @your Library Amy Dettmer, Assistant Director As we know by reading vehicle license plates, Minnesota has 10,000 lakes. Itasca County is blessed with about 1,000 of those. And the majority of those lakes have access, whether it’s a boat ramp or

A Cool Thing Happened @ your Library

A Cool Thing Happened @ Your Library Tracy Kampa, Children’s Library I was sitting at my desk when April handed me an Amazon package.  Scanning my brain for what I had ordered, I came up blank. (A more common occurrence for me